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All On Six Dental Implants
in Wakefield

Having All On Six dental implants in Wakefield with Space Dental provides a modern, long lasting and natural looking solution to missing teeth. Regain your confidence, along with full functionality of the teeth, with All On Six.

What Are All On Six Dental Implants?

Six On Six dental implants are designed for patients who have multiple missing teeth. Implants will be placed into the jaw to replace the natural roots of the tooth, then custom-made teeth can be fitted to those implants. This usually involves placing Six implants into either the upper or lower jaw, or both, but some patients may require six implants if the jaw is weaker. Results last up to 30 years with All On Six dental implants in Wakefield, during which you can enjoy your fully functioning, healthy and great looking smile.

Why Choose Space For Your All On Six Dental Implants in Wakefield

At Space Dental, we always find the perfect balance between keeping your teeth, mouth and gums healthy, along with helping you to achieve the smile of your dreams. All of our patients having cosmetic work will see our hygiene team to ensure your oral health is in the best condition prior to any treatment beginning. Having a healthy smile prior to treatment is key to improving the longevity of your All On Six dental implant treatment in Wakefield.

As well as our focus on oral health, our team really cares about helping you to achieve the smile you deserve. From our simple and flexible payment plans to help make the cost more manageable to the way they care for our patients, you will access the best results as well as feeling completely at ease throughout the process of having All On Six dental implants in Wakefield.

Benefits of All On Six Dental Implants

Our treatment for All on Six dental implants in Wakefield have transformed the lives of our patients, for the better! There are many benefits that come from having All on Six implants, including:
- Natural looking results
- Last up to 30 years
- Restore a fully functioning smile
- Modern tooth loss solution
- Anaesthesia options available

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Composite bonding cases per year

The process starts with you coming in for a consultation, during which our clinicians will carry out a full oral health examination and also talk the results that you’re looking to achieve. This will establish whether having All On Six dental implants in Wakefield is the right choice, or if there are alternative treatments which may be better suited. Once it has been decided that All On Six is the right treatment for you, we can book your appointment.

On the day of your treatment, local anaesthetic will be administered, any teeth that need to be removed will be and the implants will be placed into the jaw. It takes time for these to fuse properly to the jawbone, so in the meantime, we place temporary teeth to the implants and cover them with composite bonding, so you leave with a full smile the same day.

After 8 weeks, you will come back to the clinic and we will remove the temporary teeth and replace them with your custom-made ones, as well as check that the dental implants have set as they should. The results will then last up to 30 years!
For All On Six dental implants in Wakefield, the treatment cost starts from £418 a month, or from £18,000 in full. This includes all scans, X-Rays, Straumann® Titanium Dental Implants and the final prosthesis. Having All On Six is a more expensive treatment, but it’s highly effective and results last for decades.
Having All On Six dental implants in Wakefield isn’t painful, as a local anaesthetic is always administered before any treatment begins. You may experience some discomfort and swelling for a few days following treatment, however, this pain can be managed with pain killers and will subside within days.
The full process of having All On Six dental implants in Wakefield, between your initial consultation and your permanent treatment is complete, is around 8 weeks, although this can differ depending on the individual case. During this time, you will have your initial consultation, followed by your appointment to fit the implants and temporary teeth, then finally you’ll come back for one more appointment where your permanent teeth will be fitted. The reason the process is long is that the implants need time to set in the jaw properly before the permanent teeth can be fitted. However, after your appointment where the implants are initially placed, you will have a full smile thanks to the temporary teeth.