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Here at Space Dental, composite dental veneers are one of the two types of dental veneer treatments that we offer. Composite dental veneers are one of our renowned cosmetic dental treatments for a reason. Your dream smile does not have to involve time consuming and invasive treatments, and composite dental veneers are the perfect example of how our skilful cosmetic dentists can achieve this.

Composite dental veneers are a non-prep, minimally invasive treatment that we would recommend to our patients looking to restore their smiles. Let's take a look at how composite dental veneers can benefit you at Space Dental.

What are
Composite Dental Veneers?

Composite veneers are a type of cosmetic dental restoration used to improve the appearance of teeth. They are made of a tooth-coloured composite resin material, which is applied directly to the surface of the tooth, which is then hardened with a UV light - similar to the process of having a composite dental filling!

Essentially, your natural teeth are covered by the moulded composite resin created by the cosmetic dentist, and sculpted into the desired shape and appearance of your teeth. Additionally, the colour of the resin can be manipulated to your desired shade, no matter how natural or bright you love your teeth to be.

What Is The Difference Between Composite Dental Veneers & Composite Bonding?

Composite dental veneers are not to be confused with composite bonding. Although they use similar processes and materials, composite dental veneers require a more sizable amount of resin due to the complete covering of the natural tooth. The cosmetic dental practitioner is then able to perfect the moulding of the resin to create the perfect, improved shape around your natural teeth. Composite bonding, on the other hand, focuses on smaller imperfections on a singular area of a tooth, such as chips, cracks and gaps, rather than the whole tooth, which also has advantageous effects.

When Are Composite Dental Veneers Recommended?

Composite dental veneers are a recommended treatment for a number of scenarios. They can be used to repair numerous chips and cracks, discolouration, and other cosmetic imperfections in the teeth.

They can also be used to reshape or resize teeth, and to close gaps between teeth. They are a less invasive alternative to porcelain veneers and can be done in one visit to the dentist. The most common scenarios might include:
- If patients have stained teeth
- If patients have unevenly shaped or fractured teeth
- If patients are looking for a non-invasive and non-permanent alternative to porcelain veneers
- If patients are looking for a removable veneer
- If patients are not happy with the appearance of their natural teeth, even if they are generally in good shape

What To Expect During The Consultation For Composite Dental Veneers

If you feel as though composite dental veneers are the right choice for you after doing your research, our team at Space Dental will be happy to invite you in for a consultation. During the consultation, you should expect our team to assess the health of your teeth to ensure that composite dental veneers are the best option for you, whilst weighing up any possible alternate treatments.

For example, we would recommend the treatment of decaying teeth before considering administering any sort of composite veneer, as we’re focused on not only the appearance of your smile, but the health of your natural teeth, too. Once we have discussed your desired smile and confirmed that composite dental veneers are right for you, we can begin your smile journey.

Our dentists will prepare your chosen teeth for composite dental veneer application, which might include slight etching of the enamel to benefit the process of adhesion. After the special adhesion is applied, the dentist is then able to apply the composite resin to be sculpted to the desired shape, to finally be cured with blue light to harden the material. This will ensure the durability of the composite dental veneer. The new composite dental veneer is then polished and your new smile is ready to go!

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What Are The Benefits Of
Composite Dental Veneers?

Minimally Invasive Treatment -

As mentioned, composite veneers do not require the invasive reshaping process like other veneer treatments, therefore patients have the peace of mind that their natural enamel will stay intact and protected.

Easily Repairable -

The material used for composite dental veneers is ideal for easy maintenance. If, for any reason, some of the composite chips then you can arrange for a same day appointment to get it quickly repaired. The repairing process in most cases will not require the whole tooth to be reconstructed.

No MOulds -

Composite dental veneers do not require tooth impressions or moulds to be taken, as dentists can skilfully manipulate the resin to the perfect shape.

How much do
Composite Dental Veneers cost?

Please call us on 01924 565 955 to discuss finance options.

The Benefits of Composite Veneers

Minimally invasive

Avoids uncomfortable steps such as drilling
or anaesthesia*

*dependent on the overall health and condition of the teeth and gums

quick and easy

Most treatments can be completed in a single appointment

No molds

There is no need for tooth impressions or molds.

If your teeth are in relatively good condition and are free from decay and gum-related problems, then it is likely that you will be eligible for composite dental veneers. Because composite veneers are less invasive than porcelain veneers, they are usually ideal for fixing imperfections such as gaps, chips, teeth stains, and any other problems that are contributing towards insecurity around your teeth.

An initial visit to Space Dental is always recommended to assess the health of your teeth. During your consultation, we offer a professional consultative approach as to what would be the best treatment for you. Composite dental veneers might be deemed as a secondary option after other areas are fixed, such as aligning your teeth with Invisalign or having teeth whitening treatment.
When deciding whether composite dental veneers or porcelain dental veneers are better, there are several comparisons to make. While they both generate extraordinary results and can transform the appearance of your smile, which dental treatment you choose will come down to preference, and the health of your teeth.

For example, composite dental veneers are known to be at a lower cost than porcelain dental veneers. This is something to keep in mind when considering the budget you have for your cosmetic dental treatment. On the other hand, composite dental veneers are more susceptible to chipping and may require more maintenance than porcelain dental veneers. Finally, porcelain veneers require more than one visit to create bespoke veneers and carry out the application process, whereas composite dental veneers can be applied with just one visit. These are just a few things to consider before deciding which type of veneer is best suited for you.
Composite dental veneers are an extremely safe cosmetic dentistry option if you are looking to transform your smile. This is because the resin used to create the perfect tooth shape essentially acts as a cover for your natural enamel. There may be the requirement for minimal scraping to create the perfect base for the adhesive, however, this is not enough enamel to cause any long term damage or sensitivity to your teeth. If you are looking for the least invasive option for creating the smile you have always wanted without an uncomfortable application, composite dental veneers are ideal.
One of the benefits of composite dental veneers is the fast and effective application process that can leave you with the smile of your dreams in as little as an hour. Composite veneers do not require dental impressions, which allows you to have your desired smile within just one visit to the dentist. Whilst fast results are a bonus, at Space Dental we aim for our patients to not only have a seamless smile journey, but we also work using the best possible care and efficiency to achieve long-lasting results.
Despite common misconceptions, composite dental veneers are known to have long-lasting effects, with expectations of an average of 5-7 years of durability. It is important to keep in mind that this is simply an average, and with the correct care and maintenance, they can last even longer. After this time, they are likely to need replacing, so this should be kept in mind. If you are looking to maintain your veneers as much as possible, you should avoid chewing on hard foods to avoid chipping, and also maintain a strict hygiene and cleaning regime to prevent any stains onto the composite dental veneers.
Yes, composite dental veneers can be easily removed and replaced whenever necessary. If you are looking for a semi-permanent solution for your dental appearance composite dental veneers are a popular option. Returning to your original tooth's shape is not an issue, in comparison to porcelain dental veneers that require minimal removal of your original enamel.

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