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Cosmetic Teeth Whitening

Cosmetic teeth whitening is a treatment that has been around for thousands of years. It is one of the most effective ways to elevate the appearance of your natural smile, without needing any sort of reconstruction of your natural enamel. Whilst cosmetic treatments such as composite bonding change the structure, shape and shade of the enamel, sometimes all you may need is a simple professional teeth whitening treatment to get the smile you dream of. For those patients who are not completely happy with their smiles and are looking for an extra glow, the results of cosmetic teeth whitening are long-lasting and beautiful.

What To Expect From Cosmetic Teeth Whitening At Space Dental

Here at Space Dental, we take cosmetic dental treatments such as teeth whitening to the next level. Our team of award-winning dentists create bespoke whitening treatments for patients to complete in a hybrid format both in our luxury practice, to then continue in the comfort of their own home.

Firstly, patients would be invited into our dental practice for a consultation. This is where your smile journey starts, and you will discuss your expectations with your dentist, who will then design the best smile package for you. This consultation will be followed by a full assessment of your oral health with our hygiene therapists. Once you have the all-clear, we will be able to begin your smile journey and create your whitening trays ready for your cosmetic teeth whitening treatment to begin.

Unlike shop-bought or over-the-counter teeth whitening treatments, our cosmetic teeth whitening treatments are completely safe for your teeth. A lot of these DIY kits contain harmful levels of whitening chemicals which can permanently strip your teeth of their natural enamel. This can lead to increased sensitivity and may even cause yellowing in the future due to the removal of enamel, allowing the inner layers of your teeth - known as dentine - to become more prominent. This material is naturally yellow, so once the layer of enamel is removed, this then becomes more visible over time.

Cosmetic teeth whitening treatments are easy and straight forward with Space Dental, and you can expect to see fantastic results in a matter of weeks.

The Benefits Of
Cosmetic Teeth Whitening

Cosmetic teeth whitening allows you to improve the appearance of your smile. Our smiles are one of the most unique assets we own, and ensuring that your smile stays consistently bright and healthy is an essential part of looking and feeling your best. Here are just a few more additional benefits of cosmetic teeth whitening:

Fast Results -

The beauty of cosmetic teeth whitening is that not only are the results noticeable but they can be achieved within a matter of weeks! It is recommended that the treatment is continued for a minimum of 4 weeks, but within this time you will see changes that will elevate your smile for the better. Once the treatment is done, you get to enjoy your brighter, whiter smile for longer!

Healthier Appearance -

Whiter teeth are commonly associated with having healthier teeth. This is not so simple to maintain if you, for example, drink coffee daily, therefore cosmetic teeth whitening can offer you the appearance of much healthier teeth through one course of treatment. A brighter smile is, after all, a more confident one. Don’t believe us? Take a look at our smile gallery to see our outstanding before and after results!

Improved Confidence -

It is easy to have our confidence knocked as a result of tooth discolouration. We all deserve to showcase our smiles loud and proud, and for this reason, cosmetic teeth whitening is perfect for boosting confidence.

Professional Results -

In comparison to DIY whitening kits that can be bought cheaply online, cosmetic teeth whitening from Space Dental is guaranteed to offer professional and long lasting results, without causing damage to your teeth. Professional results mean that the appearance of your teeth can go up to a B1 shade, but this can be manipulated depending on your desired end results.

When To Consider Teeth Whitening

Patients choose to have cosmetic teeth whitening for a number of reasons. If patients are suffering from staining on their teeth, cosmetic teeth whitening is a great treatment to remove the appearance of staining and improve the colour of the tooth’s surface.

We all suffer from staining on various levels. It might range from mild which is barely noticeable, and extend to severe staining. Staining can be a result of our diets, consumption of large quantities of coffee and red wine, for example, and it is also a result of smoking. The effects of beverages that stain our teeth can be avoided using a straw for example, but if patients are intending to continue smoking after their whitening treatments, they should expect their whitening results to fade faster than average expectancy.

Additionally, cosmetic teeth whitening might be considered when patients are looking for ways to improve the appearance of their smiles. Teeth whitening is considered very low maintenance and does not require any permanent changes to the natural enamel to achieve the desired results, hence why it is so popular.

Start Your Smile Journey Today

Ready to find out more about cosmetic teeth whitening? Speak with our team at Space Dental today to get your treatment started!


If you are considering professional teeth whitening, the journey to a whiter smile would first start with an initial consultation. Within this consultation, you and the dental team will discuss your expectations, and also the various avenues of teeth whitening that can be considered. Once everything is confirmed, the dental hygienist will book you in for an appointment for a full oral health examination to confirm you qualify for cosmetic teeth whitening.

Assuming that your oral health is up to scratch, we can then begin the process of prescribing you whitening trays and cosmetic teeth whitening solutions to wear for a few hours at night as you sleep, or possibly during the day if there are no restrictions. It’s recommended that, for effective results, the trays are worn for 4 weeks for ideal results, but this will be discussed with you with your dentist. After this time, you are free to enjoy your newly transformed bright and beautiful teeth. Your smile journey is as easy as that!
At Space Dental we offer flexible payment plans for cosmetic teeth whitening starting from £78 a month. Our initial consultation allows our dentists to give you a better idea as to the level of service required for your cosmetic teeth whitening, and therefore a more accurate cost of the treatment. For an accurate idea as to how much cosmetic teeth whitening will cost here at Space Dental, please contact us to arrange for a consultation!
Yes, teeth whitening trays are very safe and shouldn't be a cause for concern for people considering cosmetic teeth whitening. The only side effect that patients may experience is temporary sensitivity after removing the trays. This will not be a painful sensation, and will not be permanent once the prescription of trays is completed.

When compared to cheap, DIY whitening kits that can be bought from home, professional teeth whitening trays are extremely safe. DIY home kits only contain a 0.1% amount of hydrogen peroxide. You will never get the same results using these kits as you will get at the dentist, plus you will likely cause damage to your teeth and enamel. Home kits have a much lower % amount of hydrogen peroxide in the kit than ones prescribed by the dentist. This is because of the risk of damaging or burning your gums or mouth, which should be avoided to maintain the health and safety of your teeth.
We recommend that you keep your cosmetic teeth whitening trays and Invisalign trays separate. Using the two treatments together can cause damage to the retainers, as Invisalign trays are not designed to contain whitening treatments. Although it may seem like a good way to combine the two treatments, we recommend against this and suggest that, once your Invisalign treatment is complete, this is when you consider starting cosmetic teeth whitening treatment.
The way the teeth whitening gel works is that it gradually penetrates into the tooth over a period of time, dispersing the colour in the dental enamel and making it whiter and brighter. During your appointment with your dentist, how much teeth whitening solution you should use will be discussed further.

Teeth Whitening

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