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Orthodontic Treatment

At Space Dental, we are proud to offer award-winning orthodontic treatments to our patients, giving them the seamless teeth straightening solution they deserve. Orthodontic treatment does not have to be complicated. For this reason, we pride ourselves on the exceptional services of our team of dentists who work hard to create detailed and effective orthodontic treatment plans for teeth straightening, including but not limited to fixed braces and also Invisalign®.

Orthodontics treatments have been successful in helping patients straighten their teeth since modern orthodontic braces were created in 1819 by Christophe-Francois Delabarre. Since then, the bespoke advancement in orthodontics has led us to where we are today. Here at Space Dental, we offer highly advanced orthodontic treatments for our patients who are looking to take control and level up their smiles.

What is orthodontic treatment?

Orthodontic treatments are a valuable way for people to straighten their teeth and improve the structure of the jaw. Misaligned teeth are not only the cause of insecurities for people, but they also can hugely impact your bite and therefore develop into other issues such as overbites, teeth weakness and excessive erosion of the teeth.

Orthodontic treatments here at Space Dental are carried out with precision and accuracy, helping our patients reach their desired results with the best methods possible. We offer fixed braces, as well as Invisalign braces, as part of our orthodontics treatments and, during your consultation, your dentist will discuss the best approach for you.

Orthodontic Treatment Options

We offer two options for orthodontic treatments here at Space. We offer fixed braces for patients who are experiencing more severe cases of tooth displacement. Fixed braces are ideal for teeth that require more space to be created for them to be manipulated into their correct, straight positioning. Fixed braces may also be recommended for patients who have large gaps within their teeth, which are equally effective. As the structure of the patient's teeth begins to shift, appropriate adjustments will be made to ensure the fixed brace is maintaining its effectiveness.

Alternatively, patients also have the option to opt for the Invisalign treatment to straighten their teeth. Invisalign is widely known for its discrete yet effective technologies for straightening teeth without the requirement of a fixed brace. Also known as clear aligners, a detailed scan is taken of our patient's teeth to determine the ideal results, and the precise shape of the aligner to guide patients on the fastest path to achieve this. Throughout the process, new aligners and trays will be created to accommodate the regularly changing structure of the teeth. As one of the leading providers of Invisalign, we have achieved Elite Apex status, so patients can trust us to deliver the desired results.

Both methods of orthodontic treatments aim to straighten the teeth and improve the structure of the jaw, but deciding which would be best for our patients is best completed during a consultation at our luxury dental practice.

Who Requires Orthodontic Treatments

Orthodontic treatments are very common for both adults and children. We understand that some individuals feel as though, when their misalignment has stayed with them since childhood, there’s not much value in resolving their problems as adults. It is always worth reviewing your options for your orthodontic concerns, but if you are not sure whether you would fit into the criteria, here are just scenarios in which orthodontic treatment would be recommended:

  • Crooked Teeth – Crooked teeth are an extremely common concern when it comes to appearance of teeth. This can lead to insecurity, the movement of surrounding teeth, and possibly bite problems.
  • Spaced Teeth – People who experience spaced teeth can expect problems such as teeth misalignment, as the teeth shift with the space. These spaces might be a result of genetics, but they are also common in adults who have had teeth removed and not replaced or moved into a better alignment.
  • Over/Under Bite – The upper or lower teeth in individuals may be uneven, causing an uneven bite. This can lead to teeth weakness, as well as difficulty biting or chewing.
  • Low Self-Esteem – Many people have insecurities due to the misalignment of their teeth.

The Importance Of Orthodontic Treatments

Orthodontic treatments are essential to make sure that individuals are maintaining healthy and strong teeth. A bright, straight smile is just one benefit of orthodontic treatments, but the improvements they can bring to your smile and oral health is the most important aspect. Also, without the correct placement of the teeth, there can be a lot of strain placed on the jaw and gums, which can lead to more severe problems later in life.

Orthodontics should be seen as a preventative method for more complete dental and jaw problems, but also a way to straighten and realign teeth. For patients who are considering orthodontics treatments, we aim to give our patients the most carefree, comfortable experience within our luxury dental practice. Patients can have peace of mind that they are in the safest hands as we tailor our bespoke orthodontic treatment plans for each individual's unique set of circumstances.

The Benefits Of Orthodontic Treatments

There are many benefits for patients who choose to get orthodontic treatments:

Better Dental Hygiene: Orthodontics can work to close any gaps that are present in the teeth. These gaps are susceptible to getting food deposits stuck which can lead to plaque buildup and possible gum disease. Closing the gaps and straightening the teeth reduces these problems making them easier to brush and floss.

Improved Self-Esteem: People who have significantly low self-confidence due to their orthodontic problems have seen improvements in their self-esteem as a result of their teeth being straightened following orthodontic treatment. This can be life-changing for individuals when they are able to showcase their newly improved stunning smiles.

Improved Speech: People who suffer from extreme orthodontic concerns, such as over and underbites, see significant improvement in their speech once they have completed their orthodontic treatment of choice.

Orthodontic treatment can range in the time that it takes to be effective. On average, patients must wear their braces for 12 months to up to 3 years depending on the severity of the case. The method of choice for orthodontic treatment can also influence the time that it takes to complete. For example, Invisalign aligners are known to be a faster method for teeth straightening, which is why so many people opt for this treatment. The age of the patient can also be an influencing factor as to how long their braces take, but our jaws are shifting all the time as we age so both braces and Invisalign will be fully effective within one to two years when following the correct treatment plan.

No, braces should not be uncomfortable, despite common misconceptions surrounding them. Patients will feel slight discomfort when they are first fitted as their teeth will not be used to the feeling of them. As your teeth start to shift, you will not notice the feeling of them as they slowly begin to straighten and align your teeth. This applies to both fixed braces and Invisalign, however, fixed braces will need to be regularly tightened as your teeth move, as well as needing more intricate cleaning as food gets trapped within the brace. For traditional metal orthodontic treatments, you may notice some discomfort  when the wires and brackets are tightened which can last a few days. For Invisalign braces, you may feel a very dull ache when you move onto the next set of aligners.

The cost of braces is dependent on the current condition of a patient’s teeth. The cost of Invisalign is comparative, but again the price would best be determined after an examination. We would first invite our patients in for a consultation at our luxury dental practice, at which point we will assess which avenue of orthodontic treatment would be best suited.

The best time to get orthodontic treatments is during childhood when the jaw and teeth structure is growing the most. However, NHS dentists are no longer routinely offering orthodontic treatment to teenagers, which is then having a knock on effect later in life. This, however, should not turn adults away from seeking help for teeth straightening, as teeth constantly grow and develop throughout our lives meaning orthodontic treatments will be effective at any age.

Deciding whether fixed braces or Invisalign is better in terms of orthodontic treatment comes down to each individual’s circumstances. Fixed braces are better for patients who require more extreme teeth straightening methods, for example, if they have an overbite with jaw misalignment. Patients who have gaps and crooked teeth would be able to choose from either fixed braces or Invisalign. Invisalign may be the better choice for patients who are looking for a more versatile and discrete approach to teeth straightening.

Retainers are important for the retention of orthodontic treatments once you have reached the end of the treatment process. As well as visiting our luxury dental practice every 6 months for a check-up after the treatment, you will also have your retainer curated to prevent any sort of overcrowding once the aligners are not required. They must be worn every night to prevent the teeth from moving back into their original position. Fixed retainers may also be recommended after your orthodontic treatments if, for example, the gap between your two front teeth is susceptible to movement.


In this video Dr Affan our Cosmetic Lead Dentist explains the reasoning behind using retainers.

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