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All on four implants

At Space Dental, we offer multiple forms of tooth replacement options to give our patients the confidence and perfect ability to showcase their smiles and restore their oral function. All on four dental implants are a popular treatment option for patients looking for a permanent tooth loss solution, specifically for people who are missing their teeth on one or both rows of their teeth.

Missing multiple teeth can be a stressful time and can massively impact your usual day-to-day activities, such as speaking, eating and smiling. Having All on Four dental implants is a tooth loss solution that not only enhances the appearance of your smile but provides longevity and permanence that alternative treatments, such as dentures, can’t provide.

What To Expect From All On Four Dental Implant Treatment

The first step in the process of getting All on Four dental implants is to have an initial consultation carried out. This consultation will take place at our clinic and is the perfect time to address any concerns you may have when it comes to All on Four implants. A full oral hygiene exam must take place before All on Four dental implant treatment is given the go ahead, and this will be completed within an hour by our dental team.

Once we have confirmed you are a good candidate for All on Four dental implant treatment, the process can begin assuming that there are no teeth needing to be extracted. The implants, either all on four or all on six implants if applicable, will be fitted into the jaw bone to allow the implants to fuse with the bone and provide a comfortable site for the final implant. Temporary teeth will be attached to the implants whilst the healing is taking place so that you’re not left with missing teeth during this time. The healing process can take a number of months, but once completed, the final crowns can be inserted, completing the overall treatment!

Who Qualifies For All On Four Dental Implants?

All on Four dental implants are not suitable for everyone, but they are advised for patients who have multiple or full rows of teeth missing, requiring a comprehensive dental restoration. Determining whether All on Four dental implants are right for you is best decided during a consultation in our luxury dental practice. We can also make a more educated decision following a dental hygienist appointment, which would happen after your initial consultation. We carry out a hygiene appointment before all treatments as our main goal is not only focused on enhancing the appearance of your smile, but ensuring that it is healthy, too. We don’t want to carry out any treatment where your teeth might not be in the best health, which means that the results you achieve are not up to your expectations, or risk further damage to your teeth.

All on Four dental implants are ideal for patients who are looking for a long term solution to tooth loss. Many people opt for dentures as a cost-effective solution for tooth loss, however, dentures simply do not have the longevity that implants can provide and require more maintenance. All on Four dental implants are permanent and, in the majority of cases, can be expected to last over a decade.

This time frame can be extended with good care and maintenance, and patients have even reported their All on Four dental implants last even longer than this. The correct care and maintenance can increase the chances of longevity, however, wear and tear is not unheard of and is to be expected over long periods of time.

How All On Four Dental Implants Can Help You

All on Four dental implants have impacted the lives of those who have opted for the treatment for the better. There are a number of ways that All on Four dental implants can help you if you are suffering from comprehensive tooth loss, including:

- Restored smile
- Permanent solution and does not require removal
- Durable, long-term solution for tooth replacement
- Natural appearance
- All on Four dental implants will leave you with a restored smile whilst you wait for the permanent crowns to be fitted
- Long-term investment into your oral health
- Protects your jaw

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All on Four dental implants are expected to last over 10 years on average. This, of course, can be extended with the correct care, and maintenance and, in many cases, patients have reported their implants lasting over 20 years. The key to ensuring your All on Four dental implants last as long as possible is to treat them with the same consistent care that you should give to your own enamel. This means regular cleaning, frequent flossing and visiting the dentist to spot any early signs of problems to take preventive action.
It is normal to have anxiety about having your All on Four implants fitted, but you should have peace of mind knowing that they will feel no different to your natural teeth once healed and fitted. Past patients have reported that All on Four dental implants are virtually unnoticeable once they are fitted, and they operate as your natural teeth would. You can brush, floss, eat and talk exactly the same way as you did prior to tooth loss as the dental implants function in the same way.
Following having your All on Four dental implants fitted, there are likely to be signs of inflammation and slight discomfort in the days after. We advise you to take care when you first start eating food again following treatment and consider softer foods, such as mashed potatoes and soups, as well as cold beverages such as water and milk to soothe and restore the soft tissue. Once the All on Four dental implant sites are healed and your dentist has given you the all clear, you can use them just as you would your natural teeth and consume foods of your choosing.
As with all treatments, we will carry out an initial consultation and oral health check to analyse your suitability for All on Four dental implant treatment. However, if you are missing multiple teeth and have good oral health, then it is likely that you are suitable for All on Four dental implants.

All on Four implants are a great tooth replacement option for people who have been suffering from tooth loss and are looking for a permanent solution that is not removable and can last over a decade. They require only four implants in the jaw to secure the prosthetics, however, patients also have the option to have all on 6 if they require more implants to compensate for missing teeth.