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Single Tooth Implants

Finding the best options for tooth replacement solutions can be a difficult task. With so many options available, sometimes all you need is a simple solution that is long-lasting. Single dental implants are a common solution for tooth loss when individuals have lost singular teeth inbetween remaining healthy teeth. This of course can also be fixed using dental bridges or dentures, however single dental implants are renowned for their popularity and ability to last.

Tooth replacement can be complicated if patients are not guided through the process, but our team of award winning dentists here at Space Dental will carefully solve any dental problems and concerns, whilst guaranteeing exceptional results. From singular dental implants to complete smile transformations, we have the skills and expertise to conduct successful teeth restoration, whilst also providing patients with the smile they deserve.

Single Dental Implants For Missing Teeth

Contrary to the more complete treatment of full dental implants, singular dental implants are the perfect solution for tooth loss on a minimal scale. With problems such as gum disease, tooth decay, and dental trauma being so common, it is no surprise that the demand for single dental implants are on the rise.

There is no shame in needing tooth replacement treatments, and we understand the stress that comes with trying to find a solution for missing teeth. Single dental implants are recommended to patients looking for a permanent tooth replacement option that does not require the removal of the tooth, which treatments such as dentures require. The implant will act as effectively as your existing teeth. This would require the same level of care and hygiene that would already be provided onto your natural enamel.

The Risk Of Leaving Tooth Loss Untreated

Leaving missing teeth untreated and unreplaced can have long-term effects on your oral health and the structure of your jaw. It is always recommended that missing teeth are replaced, whether that be with dental implants or with dentures if there are multiple missing teeth. When teeth at the front of your mouth are missing, this not only can affect your self confidence, but this could then be the catalyst for the rest of your teeth shifting out of place and having disruptive misalignment. This can also cause more problems for the surrounding teeth to the gap, as more pressure is placed onto them and they will be subjected to increased risk of decay and gum disease.

For patients suffering with singular tooth loss, we ensure that with every hygienist appointment here at Space Dental, a full health examination is carried out to spot any early signs of dental or gum problems which can manifest into further tooth loss. Healthy gums and teeth are our focus, and maintaining this is what we do best!

How Do Single Dental Implants Work?

All patients will need to visit Space Dental for an initial consultation for single dental implants. This can guarantee that the best course of action is being taken to give you your desired results, and help you with your smile journey in the best way possible. During this consultation, your dentist may find that other treatments are required to give you your dream smile. For example, if a tooth has been missing for a while and has affected the structure of the teeth, orthodontic treatment may be recommended to be carried out as part of your plan. We can also give a realistic time frame for the treatments to be completed at this stage.

Our award winning dental team will carry out a comprehensive oral health evaluation to ensure that everything is healthy enough to go forward with the single dental implant treatment. Getting started with the treatment for single dental implants would involve securing a titanium implant to the jawbone and waiting for it to fuse together before the actual crown is attached. This can take up to 7 months to become strong enough but once the crown is fitted, you can enjoy your newly fitted dental implants and improved structure of your smile.

The Benefits Of
Single Dental Implants

Improved confidence -

Visible tooth loss can leave us feeling insecure and self-conscious. Hiding your smile should not be an option, as we all deserve to show off our smile! Single dental implants provide a discrete solution to tooth loss that makes it appear as though a tooth was never missing.

Prevents Bone Loss -

The act of chewing is imperative to maintain the health and strength of our jaws. If this is disrupted due to missing teeth, the jaw bone begins to weaken and can even convey onto the face, giving an ageing appearance. Filling these missing gaps with single dental implants prevents any sort of disruption and maintains the stimulation of the jaw bone.

If you are considering single dental implants, contact our team to arrange a consultation and get your smile journey started.


The treatment for single dental implants is one which is typically pain-free, as anaesthetic is used during the treatment so that no pain or discomfort is felt. After the treatment, the implant area may feel achy and the area may be swollen, however, this can be treated with pain killers and the swelling and aches should subside after a day or two. You won’t feel any pain or discomfort in the time your jawbone fuses to the new implant and when it is time to fit your permanent implant, this will also be pain-free.
With dental implant treatments, there are different options available. Single implants are ideal for patients who have suffered tooth loss of a singular tooth and still have the surrounding teeth still in place. This can reinstate the support that your old tooth would have provided, and allow you to chew effectively again.

Patients may also consider a multiple tooth dental implant. Dental bridges are ideal for patients who are suffering from numerous missing teeth on one jaw. Instead of having multiple implants attached to your jawbone, a bridge will make up for any missing teeth and will be supported by two implants on either side of the missing gap.

Patients also have the option to have full dental implants when patients have little to no teeth left on either side of their mouth. This is also commonly referred to as all on four implants, or all on six implants. As the name suggests, either four or six implants will be attached to the jaw bone, and the teeth that are not implanted will fit securely between the embedded implants creating a full smile.
For those considering single dental implants who also require a dental extraction, the time scale of completion can differ from that of just dental implants. Following a tooth extraction, the healing time of the soft tissue in the gum on average will take around 10 weeks. Once your dentist can confirm everything is healed, only then can the dental implant process take place. This then naturally increases the length of treatment time.

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