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full dentures at space dental


Here at Space Dental, we believe that affordable tooth replacement options should be available to all patients. This is exactly why our award-winning dental practice offers teeth dentures amongst our extensive range of cosmetic dentistry treatments. We welcome all patients who are seeking teeth replacement options, and teeth dentures are one the most effective ways we can help our patients reclaim their smile confidence, and also solve the problems that are associated with missing teeth.

Space Dental offers treatment to provide the most natural looking and comfortable full and partial dentures. For our patients who have had uncomfortable experiences with dentures in the past, we have shown them how perfect dentures feel and look, and this is exactly the outcome we achieve for all of our teeth denture patients.

What Are Teeth Dentures?

Our patients have the opportunity to choose from full denture and partial denture options when considering teeth denture treatments. Dentures are artificial, removable sets of teeth that are uniquely made for missing teeth patients, aiming to replace gaps or rows of missing teeth.

Our award-winning cosmetic dental team will tailor your set of teeth dentures to the exact match of your existing teeth and mouth shape, providing an unnoticeable appearance as well as offering the best comfort for our patients. Both types of teeth dentures are moulded using material that can be easily crafted to fit the uniqueness of your teeth, whilst supporting both the shape and the surrounding teeth.

The Importance Of
Replacing Missing Teeth

Teeth dentures are used to replace missing teeth. Having gaps in your mouth, no matter the severity, can have adverse effects on the placement of the rest of your teeth and your overall oral health. Teeth dentures are especially important for patients who have lost multiple teeth, leaving difficulty in consumption and eating, an essential part of our health. No matter how your natural teeth have fallen out, leaving gaps and exposing gum sockets can lead to gum disease and possibly jawbone loss or weakness in more serious cases.

Having a full and bright smile is something we all deserve, but unfortunately, most of us will experience tooth loss at some point in our lives. The confidence knock that comes with tooth loss is something we sincerely understand here at Space Dental, which is why our team of dentists aim to provide patients with the best results possible when having their teeth dentures treated

What Types Of Teeth Dentures Are Available?

Here at Space Dental, we offer two types of teeth dentures. The first is the full denture. Full teeth dentures, also known as false teeth, are removable false dental bridges made from acrylic (plastic), nylon, or metal. They are tailored by dentists to fit over the gums to replace any missing teeth, and in most cases for full denture patients, this can include a whole row of teeth dentures. The teeth dentures are secured into place using a specialist fixing paste, which allows patients to use the dentures as if they are their natural teeth. Full dentures are the most cost-effective teeth denture treatment available, hence why so many Space Dental patients opt for this non-invasive and removable treatment.

Additionally, we also offer patients a partial denture option. Partial dentures are very similar to full dentures, however, they are usually advised to patients who still have remaining teeth left that still require support to avoid displacement. Partial dentures often include a metal frame work that attaches to the remaining natural teeth, helping the denture stay in the most comfortable position whilst supporting the rest of the teeth.

Choose The Right Teeth Dentures For You

Deciding which teeth denture is best for you should not be a rushed decision. First and foremost, you should seek advice from professional cosmetic surgeons by inquiring here at Space Dental. During your consultation at our luxury dental practices, we will be able to assess the current health of your mouth and discuss what we have done for patients with similar circumstances.

With that being said, we will still create a tailored and bespoke cosmetic dental plan for our patients to guide them smoothly along their smile journey. Dentures can look as perfect as they feel, so we will ensure that whichever teeth dentures you decide to go with, you will be leaving our dental practice with a happier smile than you arrived with.


Teeth dentures can be both permanent and temporary, depending on the option that you choose is best for you. Temporary dentures are primarily used for gums that still require time for healing if teeth have fallen out or have been necessarily removed. Temporary dentures, also known as immediate dentures, are not as tailored to your mouth as permanent dentures are. Temporary dentures might also be worn whilst patients are waiting for their permanent dentures to be created and specifically moulded into the shape of their mouth.


Dentures are completely detachable, as they are fixed into patients’ mouths using specialist glue or possibly using the metal clasp attached to existing teeth for partial teeth dentures. Many people opt for dentures because of this flexibility to possibly change their teeth replacement options in the future to more invasive treatments such as dental implants or dental bridges.

If you are worried as to how dentures are fitted, patients should have peace of mind in knowing that this teeth replacement option is the least invasive. After your tailored teeth dentures have been created by expert cosmetic dentists, they will be able to fit the denture perfectly in the targeted areas. A fixing paste will be used between the gum and denture to further ensure the most security possible, as well as ensuring that your dentures are comfortable to wear. If patients are receiving a partial denture, they should expect the metal attachments that are hooked onto the remaining teeth to hold the prosthetic piece in place.


Teeth dentures can be fitted within a matter of 30 minutes, but it is still important to keep the time in which the denture is created in mind. You will also be invited to visit our dentists at our luxury dental practice to take the initial mould of your mouth. This will allow our team to create the most bespoke and aesthetic set of teeth dentures possible.

If you are unsure as to how you should be caring for your teeth dentures, there are a few things to keep in mind. Maintaining a good level of care for your teeth can lead to a much better life span for them.


First of all, your dentures should be cleaned twice a day. We would recommend using a soft-bristled brush and cleaning them after meals, if possible, as well as in the morning and at night – just like your natural teeth. It is also recommended that, if patients are comfortable removing their dentures, they leave them to soak in teeth denture solution overnight. This allows your dentures to keep their moisture and their shape. Sleeping in your dentures is not recommended.

When deciding how to store your dentures overnight, it is best to first consult with your dental practitioner who fits the denture to see what they would recommend. They can offer expert advice as different dentures are made with variable materials.


Most teeth dentures are best kept in water or a denture-soaking solution overnight. This allows the teeth denture to keep its shape and remain hydrated, avoiding breakages or damage. You should also avoid keeping dentures in hot water of any kind as this can likewise damage the denture.

Much like our natural enamel, dentures are susceptible to stains from the food and drink we consume. The first preventive measure for removing stains is to make sure your dentures are being brushed twice a day. This should be done with denture-specific toothpaste and not general toothpaste. If you have already amassed stains onto your teeth dentures, you might consider using hydrogen peroxide on them, or possibly soaking your denture in diluted mouthwash is also effective. For more advice on how best to remove stubborn stains from dentures, contact your dentist!