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Teeth Whitening in Sheffield

Welcome to Space Dental, where we offer teeth whitening in Sheffield to help our patients achieve a bright smile that they feel confident to show off. Whether you have staining on your teeth that you would like to get rid of, or you would simply like a brighter and whiter smile, then we’re ready and waiting to help. Our award-winning dentists are ready and waiting to help transform your smile with teeth whitening in Sheffield!

The Benefits of Teeth Whitening

Having professional teeth whitening in Sheffield can truly transform your smile. It’s a more cost-effective alternative to other cosmetic treatments, with no permanent changes being made to your natural teeth, and the results are fantastic. This is a quick and effective treatment with long lasting results, which can be easily maintained for a lifetime. Teeth whitening is also well suited to a wide range of patients, as long as you have good oral health (which our dentists will check in a consultation). Many patients think they may need drastic changes in order to achieve the smile they're looking for, however, teeth whitening can be very transformative.

Why You Should Have Professional Teeth Whitening in Sheffield

It’s important to have your teeth professionally whitened rather than using online or shop-bought kits, as not only does it ensure your teeth, mouth and gums remain healthy, but it also ensures you access the best possible results.

Every one of our patients interested in teeth whitening in Sheffield will need to have a full oral health examination during their appointment, to make sure that your smile is completely healthy before any treatment begins. Additionally, you will have the support of our dentists throughout your teeth whitening, which isn’t available if you opt for non-professional teeth whitening. Finally, the ingredients in the teeth whitening treatments we use are fully regulated and completely safe, which can’t be guaranteed with other teeth whitening option

Am I The Right Candidate For Teeth Whitening in Sheffield?

If you want to brighten your smile and aren’t looking to change the shape or position of your teeth, then teeth whitening in Sheffield could be for you. Your dentist will talk you through alternative treatment options in the consultation to make sure teeth whitening is right for you. You will also have a full oral health examination to make sure everything is completely healthy before treatment begins. In some cases, we can complete restorative work before cosmetic treatments, but this will be dependent on your consultation.

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Teeth Whitening

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The results of your teeth whitening in Sheffield can last up to 2 years, which is a benefit of choosing professional teeth whitening. This is dependent on your lifestyle, for example, if you consume a significant amount of darker foods and drinks like tea, coffee, tomato-based sauces and red wine, then the results won’t last as long. However, after having your teeth whitening in Sheffield with us, it’s really easy to maintain your results, as we simply provide you with more of the teeth whitening gels and you can use them when it’s convenient to you from home.
For patients who are looking to make their smile brighter and whiter, as well as with other adjustments, then there are alternative treatment options, all of which your dentist will talk you through during your consultation. If you want to change the shape or alignment of your teeth, as well as brighten them, then a combination of teeth whitening with composite bonding or Invisalign could be right for you.

For more dramatic transformations, composite veneers or porcelain veneers may be the best option. As mentioned, during your consultation, our dentists will ask about what you’re looking for and talk about your lifestyle. Then, based on an oral health examination and the prior discussion, your dentist will provide all of the different treatment options that might be right for you, whether that’s teeth whitening in Sheffield or another one of our cosmetic treatments.
When you choose to have teeth whitening in Sheffield at a fully regulated dental practice, then it’s a very safe procedure to have. This is because our award-winning dentists are highly experienced, always maintaining a focus on oral health to keep your smile happy and healthy.

Teeth whitening can be unsafe if you have the treatment at an unregulated clinic or choose at-home treatments, where ingredients or the level of ingredients may not be safe. You may save some money by choosing non-professional teeth whitening, however, it can damage your oral health, so opting to have teeth whitening in Sheffield with Space Dental will keep you safe and provide the best results.
Teeth whitening can cause temporary sensitivity whilst you’re having the treatment, which can be heightened if you naturally have sensitive teeth. This is completely normal, however, if you do have any concerns then our dentists will be available. Before your treatment for teeth whitening in Sheffield, we always ensure that you have strong enamel to minimise any sensitivity. If you do experience sensitivity, it should only last for up to a week after you’ve finished the treatment. .