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Smile Makeover in Wakefield

Our smile makeovers are here to help create your dream smile! Come to us for your smile makeover in Wakefield and our team will help to create a custom plan using a range of treatments to transform your smile. From teeth straightening to whitening and composite veneers to implants, whether you know exactly what you want your smile to look like or you need some guidance, we have the expertise and passion to exceed your expectations!

Build Your Custom Smile | Amazing Results | Boost Your Confidence

What Is A Smile Makeover?

A smile makeover involves using a range of different treatments, or in some cases just one, in order to help you achieve your dream smile. Every patient is different, and so is the smile they want to achieve, which is why our smile makeovers are so effective. When you come in for your consultation about having a smile makeover in Wakefield, you can talk a bit about your lifestyle and the type of smile you want to achieve, and we will advise on the best treatments to make it happen within your budget. You just need to sit back and let us create a smile you’re proud of.

What Treatments Are Included With A Smile Makeover?

Every smile makeover in Wakefield is different. We use a combination of different cosmetic dental treatments to create a bespoke treatment plan, tailored specifically to getting you your dream smile. Most commonly, our smile makeovers in Wakefield include a mixture of Invisalign, teeth whitening, composite bonding and, in some cases, dental implants or veneers.

We sometimes find that patients visit us thinking that they need dental veneers, when in actual fact composite bonding may be a more suitable treatment option, paired with teeth whitening. Or maybe you've recently completed orthodontic treatment and now have a straight set of teeth, but want to change the shape or shade of them.

This is why we always invite our patients who are interested in a smile makeover in Wakefield for an initial consultation with our team, so that we can get to know a little more about the results you are expecting to achieve, and this is where we may be able to recommend an alternative treatment.

How Long Do Smile Makeovers Take?

The duration of your smile makeover in Wakefield completely depends on the type of treatment in your plan. If you’re having composite bonding or composite veneers, your smile makeover can be complete in just one appointment. When having teeth whitening before your composite bonding to ensure that your smile is all the same shade (because composite resin can’t be whitened), then the treatment time is slightly longer, with some of the whitening process being an at-home treatment.

Other treatments, like porcelain veneers and dental implants, will require a few appointments. The longest treatments for a smile makeover in Wakefield will be when teeth straightening is required, which can take potentially over a year, yet results last a lifetime with the right care.

When you come to see us for a consultation about smile makeovers in Wakefield, we can give you an estimated duration for your entire treatment.

Why Choose Us For Your Smile Makeover in Wakefield?

At Space Dental, we’re an award-winning cosmetic dentist, so you can rest assured that you’re in safe hands. We have a vast amount of experience in smile makeovers, helping our patients of all ages achieve their dream smile. Every member of our team really cares about our patients, so they never put anything less than 100% into every consultation and treatment. 


Additionally, we’re very much focused on the oral health of our patients having smile makeovers in Wakefield, so before any cosmetic treatment begins, every patient has a full tooth and gum check to make sure everything is healthy. Having a smile that is healthy is just as important as having one that looks good, so we always ensure we strike the perfect balance between both.

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Composite bonding cases per year

As mentioned, every patient is different, and so is their smile makeover. However, there are a few combinations of treatments that are regularly the right fit for patients.

Firstly, having Invisalign, followed by teeth whitening and composite bonding, can completely transform your smile. The results of Invisalign last a lifetime with the right care, then it is easy and affordable to maintain the results of your whitening and composite bonding. For a lower maintenance smile makeover, this combination is highly effective.

Another popular smile makeover treatment in Wakefield is porcelain veneers, as they can completely transform your smile and results last up to 15 years. This is a more expensive treatment option, however, the results are exceptional and can be life changing.
The first step of the process if you are interested in a smile makeover in Wakefield with us is to book your consultation. During your consultation, one of our cosmetic dentists will complete a full examination of the teeth, mouth and gums. We can then discuss the different combinations of treatments to help you achieve your dream smile, along with a timeframe for the treatment and a full quote.

Once we have put together your full treatment plan for your smile makeover in Wakefield, we will book you in for your appointment with our dental hygienist to ensure you’ve got the all clear before any cosmetic work begins. From here, you will come in for your first appointment, which may be your only appointment depending on the type of treatment you’re having. Your treatment plan will be complete and you can leave with a confident smile that you can’t wait to show off.
The duration of your smile makeover in Wakefield depends completely on the type of treatment you’re having. It can vary from one day for some treatments up to over a year for teeth straightening. In your consultation, we will provide a more accurate breakdown of how long the treatment will take.
The cost of having a smile makeover varies based on the treatment(s) you’re having. Prices for smile makeovers can start from as little as £45 a month to give you an idea, which is for six teeth of composite bonding. When you have the consultation for your smile makeover in Wakefield, we can provide a full quote for the cost of your smile makeover.