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Orthodontic Treatments in Leeds

Here at Space Dental, we’re proud to be one of the leading cosmetic dental practices offering orthodontic treatments in Leeds. Our award-winning team of dentists are on hand to give you the smile of your dreams, with an orthodontic solution that you deserve. We’re firm believers in the fact that orthodontic treatment doesn’t need to be complicated - instead, we offer treatments and solutions to a range of common orthodontic complaints, from minor cosmetic adjustments to more complex straightening cases.

Our team of dentists that offer orthodontic treatments in Leeds work to create detailed and effective treatment plans for patients, with a focus on technology-led treatments to ensure the very best results.

What Are Orthodontics?

Orthodontics are a type of cosmetic dentistry which has the goal of improving the appearance, functionality and positioning of teeth, as well as the structure of the jaw. Crooked and misaligned teeth are a common source of insecurities for many people, affecting how they smile, laugh, chew and talk, but as well as this, misaligned and crooked teeth can also have huge implications on your oral health and develop into other issues such as teeth weakness, erosion and overbites.

By choosing to visit Space Dental for your orthodontic treatments in Leeds, you can ensure that your treatment will be led with precision and accuracy, from the very best team. We offer different options for orthodontic treatments in Leeds, including traditional fixed metal braces and Invisalign, but these options will be discussed further during your consultation so that we can find the best approach for you.

What Orthodontic Treatments Are Available?

We offer two different options for orthodontic treatments in Leeds at Space Dental. For patients who have more severe or complex cases of tooth misalignment, we have traditional fixed metal braces treatments. Fixed braces are the ideal treatment for teeth which require more space to be moved and manipulated into the desired position, for example, if you have gaps within your smile. As the structure of the teeth begins to shift and change, the appropriate adjustments will be made to your treatment plan to ensure the best treatment to get your dream smile.

As well as fixed metal braces, we also offer Invisalign as an option for orthodontic treatments in Leeds. Invisalign is a world-renowned treatment and here at Space Dental, we have a fantastic Invisalign team, with Dr Affan being a leading teacher and lecturer across Europe, the USA and Asia. Invisalign is a preferred method for orthodontic treatment due to its discrete, yet effective, way of straightening teeth without the requirement of fixed metal braces. Instead, Invisalign, also known as clear aligners, uses almost invisible aligners and trays to gradually straighten and realign the teeth. You can rest assured that, by choosing Space Dental for orthodontic treatments in Leeds, your Invisalign treatment is nothing short of the best, as we are one of the leading providers of Invisalign in the UK and have achieved Elite Apex status.

Both methods of orthodontic treatments on offer at Space Dental aim to straighten the teeth and improve the structure and functionality of the jaw, but the best method to achieve your dream smile will be discussed in further detail during your consultation at our luxury practice offering orthodontic treatments in Leeds.

Who Is Eligible For Orthodontic Treatment in Leeds?

Our orthodontic treatments in Leeds are a popular choice for patients who are looking to improve the appearance of their smile, as well as the overall health of their teeth. If you have crooked or misaligned teeth, then you will likely be eligible for orthodontic treatment, however, this will be further assessed during your consultation with your dentist and the best treatment for your desired results will be discussed in more detail. 


If you are not sure whether you are a suitable patient for orthodontic treatment in Leeds, then here are some examples of where we’ve recommended orthodontic treatment. 

  • Crooked Tooth Positioning

Crooked teeth are an extremely common complaint for cosmetic dental patients who may not be happy with the appearance of their smile. Crooked teeth can lead to overall insecurities, as well as the further movement of surrounding teeth as well as jaw positioning and bite problems. 

  • Gaps And Unevenly Spaced Teeth

Patients who have gaps and unevenly spaced teeth might find that they experience problems such as teeth misalignment, staining and lack of confidence. Spacing in teeth can be a result of genetics, but it is also common in adults who might have previously had teeth removed and the gap hasn’t been closed. 

  • Over and Under Bites

Over and under bites can cause the teeth in individuals to be uneven, which then causes uneven bites. As a result, this can contribute to tooth weakness and breakage, as well as difficulty biting and chewing. 

Is Orthodontic Treatment Important?

Orthodontic treatments are highly recommended if you have complaints about the alignment or straightness of your teeth. Having a bright, straight smile is just one of the many benefits of having orthodontic treatment in Leeds with Space Dental, but there are so many other perks that come with having a well aligned smile. Without correct placement and alignment of the teeth, strain can be placed on the jaw, individual teeth and gums, which can lead to more severe dental problems later on in life. You may also experience problems with the way you talk and chew, or tooth weakness and staining.

Treatments for orthodontics should be used as a preventative method for dental and jaw problems, as well as a way to realign and straighten the teeth. Patients who may be considering orthodontic treatments in Leeds with us at Space Dental are sure to get a luxurious and comfortable experience when having their treatment within our private dental practice. We’re confident that our patients can have peace of mind when undergoing treatments with us, as we tailor our orthodontic treatments in Leeds to each patient's unique dental treatment plan.

Orthodontic Treatments With Space Dental

We believe that, if you’re looking for orthodontic treatment in Leeds, you should look no further than Space Dental. We’re an award-winning private dental practice with a focus on luxury and putting our patients first when it comes to their treatments and results.

Our team is led by Dr Affan - a leading cosmetic dentist who has taught and provided guidance on orthodontics to dentists all over the world. Working with the Space Dental team, who are highly skilled and experienced in transformative treatments, we can ensure that by choosing Space Dental for your orthodontic treatments in Leeds, you get the treatment and final results of your dreams.


In this video Dr Affan our Cosmetic Lead Dentist explains the reasoning behind using retainers.

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Each patient is different and, as such, this means that the orthodontic treatments we recommend are done on a patient-by-patient basis. The best orthodontic treatment for you might not be the recommended treatment for another patient, which is why we offer consultations with each of our patients when they enquire about orthodontic treatment in Leeds.

During this consultation, you’ll meet the dentist who will be carrying out your orthodontic treatment and they’ll be able to answer any questions you may have. They will also carry out an oral health assessment, just so that they can get a better idea of your current oral health and any problems which may need to be sorted before getting started with your orthodontic treatment. Your dentist will also be able to tell you which treatment is best recommended for your case, and put together a personalised treatment plan, which you can then take away with you to read - there is no pressure to book your treatment then and there.
Invisalign and traditional metal braces work differently in the ways that they straighten and realign your teeth. Invisalign uses a series of clear aligner trays, which are custom-made for you, to gently move your teeth into the desired position. You will change the trays every 1-2 weeks, with the new aligner adding pressure to pull your teeth together.

Traditional metal braces are typically recommended for more extreme orthodontic cases, where there may be large gaps in your smile due to missing teeth or severe crookedness. With this treatment, metal brackets are attached to the front of your teeth and a wire is used to connect them. It is this wire which works to move your teeth into the desired position and this is tightened by your dentist during check-up appointments. The tightening of the wire places pressure on the teeth, which then realigns and straightens them over time.
No, despite common misconceptions, getting braces doesn’t hurt. There are no physical changes made to your natural teeth to cause pain when they are fitted, however, in some instances we may recommend that a tooth is removed in order to get you the best results if there is overcrowding. When patients first have braces fitted or get started with their Invisalign trays, they often report feelings of discomfort or tenderness just as they get used to the tightness caused by the wire bracket or new aligner tray. This will ease after a day or two and can be treated with over-the-counter painkillers if required.
Absolutely. Whilst braces are typically offered to teenagers, there are now fewer NHS dentists that routinely offer this treatment to teenage patients which now means more and more adults are looking for orthodontic treatments in Leeds to straighten and realign their smile later on in life. We understand that, as an adult, you might not want people to know you are having orthodontic treatment, which is why Invisalign is so popular with our patients as the near-invisible aligners are so discrete, no one can tell you’re wearing them.
There is no set duration when it comes to orthodontic treatment, however, patients with Invisalign will usually see results in 3-6 months. For patients with traditional braces, this could be slightly longer. Orthodontic treatment can vary in terms of the time it takes for the treatment to be effective, but on average we recommend that traditional braces be worn for between 1-3 years.

For Invisalign treatment, this is slightly different. Invisalign is known for its quick results, which is why so many patients favour this treatment, but there are some factors which can affect the duration of your treatment plan. During your initial consultation, your dentist will give you a rough indication of how long they predict treatment to take based on the best-recommended treatment for you.